“H-clinic offers wide variety of ultrasound services, such as: diagnostics of mammary glands, thyroid gland, abdominal cavity, scrotum, and female reproductive organs. Also available: liver fibroelastometry using FibroScan 502 TOUCH, it features Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAPTM) function. H-Clinic is the only place in Moscow equipped with such machine, as of now”
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Violetta Zakharova
Ultrasound doctor, doctor of the highest category
Preparation for abdominal organs ultrasound
Preparation for abdominal organs ultrasound.
If the test is done in the morning, the last meal should be taken the night before. If the study is conducted in the afternoon or evening hours, then a light breakfast is allowed, just make sure that 6 hrs had passed since your last meal. Drinking any liquids before the test is also not recommended.
Products not to be taken before the test?

Three days prior to test it is necessary to exclude from your diet foods that contain fiber and promote gas formation. These are: black bread, milk and dairy products, beans, raw vegetables and fruits, carbonated drinks, pastries, sweets and millet porridge.

If there are signs of flatulence, it is necessary to get rid of such manifestations in the intestines during these three preparatory days. This can be done with the help of pancreatic enzymes, such as Mezim forte, Mikrazim and Festal. You can take Espumizan to reduce the amount of gas in the intestines.

It is recommended to wait two days prior to ultrasound in case you were subjected to stomach or intestines exam with the use of barium. This will allow your body to get rid of barium in order to prevent misreading of the ultrasound test.

It is important to stay hydrated. Make sure to consume no less than 1.5 liters of drinking water per day. Unsweetened green tea is a good option as oppose to black tea. Make sure to advise your doctor before the test if you take any medications on regular basis.

Do not drink alcohol or chew gum before the test. Restrain from smoking for at least two hours prior to ultrasound.

About this service

For our clinic we had chosen an ultrasound machine from GE Healthcare, which is the largest manufacturer of ultrasound machines in the world.

PHILIPS EPIQ5 ultrasound system is a flawless reliable “workhorse' with a variety of neccessary features of top-end equipment and without many unneeded functions that cost extra. This allows us to keep prices as low as possible for you, while not compromizing the quality of the tests outcome.

H-Clinic is capable of conducting ultrasound for the wide spectrum of issues, such as: gynecology, cardiology, mammary glands, abdominal cavity and reproductive organs.



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