H-Clinic provides advanced comprehensive treatment for infectious diseases based on proven medical technologies and drugs. H-Clinic specialists use the best world experience in therapy available, which meets the most stringent requirements of modern evidence-based medicine.

H-Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of:

  •  viral hepatitis,
  • HIV infection,
  • herpes simplex virus,
  • human papillomavirus,
  • cytomegalovirus,
  • Epstein-Barr virus,
  • mycobacteriosis,
  •  intrauterine, parasitic and other infectious diseases.

Our doctors follow clinical recommendations of the leading specialized associations of the EU and the USA, just like they the go through the professional publications on a daily basis. You’re can easily compare the treatment in H-Clinic with the same kind of treatment in New York, London or Tokyo as far as modern medicinal technology goes. At the same time, H-Clinic experts well aware of the specifics of treating people in Russia and know how to get the best possible result in conditions of limited opportunities.

Our Values

Optimal approach to diagnosis and treatment are the only necessary tests and individually selected courses of treatment based on modern recommendations. We do not impose "additional" surveys, and do not apply "unique techniques."

Final decision always remains with the patient – what we do is to explain in detail all the possible options for diagnosis and treatment, necessary for the client to make an educated choice for treatment .We are always nearby to support you at the the hard times.

The level of communication of relations between clinic staff and patients is being based on competence and trust, as well as a strict approach to confidentiality; hence HIV- infected people are the management. They know quite well know the needs of our customers.


Sometimes, to solve complex diagnostic or therapeutic tasks, we requie a team of highly qualified doctors. Specialists of H-Clinic of various profiles work on tasks, including medical consultation. At H-Clinic we have the opportunity to include the best specialists of the country and leading international experts in various fields in the consultation.

Individual packages

For the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases, the clinic’s specialists formed balanced and advantageous package offers on an all-inclusive basis. For example, there is a package for of treat hepatitis C - all your expenses for diagnosis, monitoring and consultations are immediately clear, and until the results are clear

Specialist home visit

Our Clinic offers best possible conditions for meeting clients, however, sometimes circumstances prevent such a visit to the patient’s house and our doctors do house calls. Our specialists also have the opportunity to visit a patient in need of biomaterial sampling for further laboratory analysis.

Treatment abroad

if necessary, H-Clinical specialists can find the best choice for examination or treatment abroad. We provide informational and organizational support for patients who have decided to contact a foreign clinic. We also help keep the patient in contact with his foreign doctor.

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