Doctors at H-Clinic effectively solve the problems of treating diseases that can often complicate a chronic infectious disease.
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13 years of experience
Ekaterina Stepanova
Infectious diseases specialist, therapeutist, candidate of medical sciences к.м.н.
"Vaccination of adults in Russia is a problem that has been an ongoing issue for years. As it is right now all vaccine prevention measures end at the age of 18, although the risks of dangerous infections do not disappear with years."
14 years of experience
Oksana Chernenko
Cardiologist, therapist
A frantic pace of life, constant stress and associated infectious diseases lead the to heart diseases, such as: ischemia, arrhythmia, hypertension, and atherosclerosis - this is not full list of the diseases that can occur with complications against the background of various infections. In this regard, diagnosis and prevention come to the foreground to help a patient
About this service
Doctors at H-Clinic effectively solve the problems of treating diseases that can often become a problem in the presence of a chronic infectious disease. There is no need to hide the presence of HIV infection or other infectious disease from our specialist, like it happens often in other medical institutions. The H-Clinic therapist plans treatment and diagnostics taking into account all the data about you, does not forget to take into account inter-drug interactions with the drugs being taken, takes into account the risks of summing up side effects, draws up a rational plan for monitoring the state of health and prevention in the presence of a chronic infectious disease, implements a vaccination prophylaxis plan taking into account current state of health.
Our therapist are really professional when it comes to search for solutions to non-trivial diagnostic tasks that the presence of a chronic infectious disease sometimes creates.
In case of temporary disability - a sick leave is being issued.
H-Clinic strictly complies with the requirements of regulations on the examination of temporary disability and the issuance of sick leave. We do not sell sick leave, trying to somehow "negotiate" is absolutely useless. It is impossible to issue a sick leave in retrospect. In case of untimely repeated visit or going to work without discharge - all the statutory notes on the disability sheet are entered.
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