H-Clinic experts are properly qualified and well equipped for the diagnosis, effective prevention and treatment of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.
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20 years of experience
Veronica Kanestry
Infectionist, doctor of medical science
28 years of experience
Vasiliy Shahgildian
Infectionist, doctor of the highest category, candidate of medical science
17 years of experience
Danila Konnov
Head doctor, Infectious diseases specialist, candidate of medical sciences
22 years of experience
Vera Zimina
Infectious diseases specialist, phthisiatrician, candidate of medical sciences
13 years of experience
Ekaterina Stepanova
Infectious diseases specialist, therapeutist, candidate of medical sciences к.м.н.
"Vaccination of adults in Russia is a problem that has been an ongoing issue for years. As it is right now all vaccine prevention measures end at the age of 18, although the risks of dangerous infections do not disappear with years."
21 years of experience
Julia Ermolenko
Infectious disease physician
About this service

There's still plenty of work for a XXI century infectiologist. While many infections are defeated, some are making unexpected comeback in one way or another. Moreover, in the recent past new diseases have been discovered. With some infections, your body will successfully cope itself, but not all. Human body can successfully withstand some of them, but resources are limited and it's not always possible.

Genital herpes, herpes zoster, Burkitt's lymphoma, infectious mononucleosis, pediatric roseola or exanthema, chronic fatigue syndrome, Kaposi's sarcoma and many other diseases are caused by herpes viruses. There are 8 types of herpes viruses currently known, not counting the subtypes - herpes virus 1 and 2, chickenpox smallpox, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, etc. All of these numerous viral infections of the modern age present certain problems for doctors, nevertheless H-Clinic specialists are ready and properly equipped for challenges.

H-Clinic provides treatment for viral hepatitis A, B, C, D, E and other liver damage caused by viral viruses. Our doctors have a substantial successful experience in treating viral hepatitis C with the most up-to-date interferon regimens, including severe co-infection cases with marked impairment of liver function.

HIV infection currently affecting hundreds of thousands of Russians, therefore providing medical care for HIV patients is one of the main priorities for H-Clinic. We have the ability to focus the efforts of a joined team of specialists on solving the most difficult tasks. There are no limitations in treatment techniques we offer (in terms of the latest achievements of modern medical science), and we also understand the importance of ensuring the highest privacy standards for our patients.

At H-Clinic we provide comprehensive examination at the beginning of a therapy, individual selection of antiretroviral therapy, solving possible side effects, identify drug resistance mutations and apply effective regimens when needed. Our specialits successfully focus on diagnosis, effective prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, such as CMV infection, pneumonia, cryptococcal infection, brain toxoplasmosis.

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