A gynecologist at H-Clinic makes sure are all aspects of women’s health are covered. Truly, a specialist you can rely on and trust.
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31 years of experience
Irina Rasulova
Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, doctor of the highest category
About this service
A gynecologist in our clinic solves a multifunction range of problems pertaining to women's health. For diagnostics our specialists are equipped with a modern General Electric ultrasound system, where Kernel video colposcope and other necessary equipment being at their disposal.
Women at H-Clinic can address the challenges of safely planning and managing pregnancy while they have present chronic infectious disease, including HIV. For the convenience of the patients of the clinic, money-saving service packages have been formed to facilitate cost planning.
The gynecologist at H-Clinic is a gynecologist you can unconditionally trust. We understand all the additional risks of inflammatory diseases in the presence of immunodeficiency; we do know the features of the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases with concomitant HIV infection. A regular visit to the gynecologist allows you to identify precancerous changes and effectively prevent at the earliest stages of cancer.
Aa an expert in hormonal diseases of the female genital area, the gynecologist H-Clinic effectively can effectively address the full range of problems that come within with the woman’s endocrine system.
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