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H-Сlinic is proud to present the newest device from Echosens, an undisputed leader in the market for equipment for elastometry and elastography of the liver. Our clinic features one of the first in Russia, and so far the only one in Moscow FibroScan 502 TOUCH with the Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAPТМ) function.

FibroScan 502 TOUCH allows our specialists to determine the severity of liver fibrosis as accurately as possible by a non-invasive method, which is an important starting point for chosing a proper viral hepatitis C treatment regimen.

Our newest FibroScan 502 CAP ТМ function does a perfect job as far a non-invasive assessment and quantification of steatosis (fatty infiltration of the liver) concerns. CAPТМ – is the newest and powerful tool in the hands of a skilled hepatologist.

A set of available sensors allows our specialists to scan patients with any body type.

You need to prepare for the diagnostics in order for results to be accurate and reliable:

- Last meal should be taken 2 - 3 hours before the procedure.

- It is recommended not to consume milk, beans, tomatoes, rye bread, sparkling water    2 days prior to the procedure, as these products may cause flatulence.

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